Tunhe Ltd. is the largest tomato processing enterprise in Asia and the second largest in the world. Its tomato paste branded Tunhe has marketed to oversea countries and districts such as North America, Europe, CIS and East Asia, which gradually enable it to rank among the world's most famous brands in tomato paste market. In 1998 the company integrated all the tomato products canneries in Xinjiang and consolidated 8 of them. Meanwhile the company invested in Langfang, Hebei province for a production line of pouch packed tomato paste, which as a result brought the annual processing capacity of tomato paste of 240,000 tons.
   Moreover, starting from tomato products and carrot functional drinks Tunhe plan to make good use of the natural recources in Xijang such as grape, megranate, apricot, peach and mulberry, for intensive processing.
   Tunhe is also devoted to adjusting the agricultural structure of production, spurring on farmer to overcome poverty and achieve prosperity as well as making more contributions to the economic devopment in Xinjiang.

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