Joint stock company ”Holly Baltija” was founded in 1998. From the very begining the main activity was wholesaling of tomato paste. JSC "Holly Baltija" represents the first largest in China and the second in the world producer of tomato paste - Cofco Xinjiang Tunhe  Investment Co. LTD which produces high quality products.
   JSC "Holly Baltija" supplies tomato paste for the biggest producers of tomato sauces and ketchups in Lithuania , Latvia, Estonia , Kaliningrad region, Poland and Belorus.

Also we are supplying the glass jars of different sizes from 160ml  to 4000 ml and  variety glass bottles to the juice , bear and to other drinks.

JSC „Holly Baltija“     Kaunas, Žemaičių str. 31     Tel. +370 37 426984     Mob. +370 698 23936